FarisWooden is the small Reliable Furniture Workshop

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. Call-081808818005

Even The Best Can Be Improved

Your attention is very helpful for the progress of our products quality. Furniture is not just what it looks good and feels like. Furniture is how it works and cheap. 021-83308200

Kitchen Set

Kitchen Set is Hanging cabinet and downside cabinets to optimized your Kitchen room.

Dinning Room

Dinning Room is containing the tables and chairs to make your dinning room easier.

Bedroom Set

Bedroom is your personal space to make your mind fresh and clear with the various furniture theme.

Living Furniture

Living Room is the most usually room with the more featured inside like Gradenza ect

Furniture Gallery

Our Workteam

Even The Best Can Be Improved

Head of Delivery

Hermanto Hanud

Service Delivery Manager

Wendy Pratama

Head of Finance

Musliha Bachtiar
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